Surgical Gown (Sterilized) - AAMI LEVEL 4 (FDA 510k)

Surgical Gown (Sterilized) - AAMI LEVEL 4 (FDA 510k)

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Looking for a top-of-the-line surgical gown that will protect you from bloodborne pathogens? Look no further than our AAMI Level 4 gown! This gown is made from a material that has been tested and proven to resist penetration by blood and other bodily fluids. Plus, it's comfortable to wear and sterilized for your protection.

Whether you're a surgeon or a nurse, this gown is an excellent choice for any medical professional who needs the highest level of protection. Our Surgical Gown (Sterilized) - AAMI LEVEL 4 (FDA 510k) is a protective apparel used in health care facilities. It is made of a liquid-resistant material and has four different areas that must pass the ASTM F1671 test in order to qualify as an AAMI level 4 surgical gown. This gown provides protection against blood-borne pathogens and is sterilized for your safety. 


FDA Certificated; 510k Listed;ASTM F1671

50 Units per case; Full Back

Level 4 SMMS Gowns
Material: SMMS Non-woven
Weight: 45gsm

Case Weight: 26.5lbs
Case Dimensions: 58x40x50cm
Size: S/ M / L/ XL/ XXL / 120*140CM