Custom Manufacturing

LMI Textile's custom manufacturing facilities will create for you a pre-production sample, which will be used to determine the construction details, cost of fabrics and materials, and cost of additional embellishments; such as embroidery, screen printing, full-color print, dye sublimation, and tag labels, etc.

After your pre-production samples are approved, production for your custom-printed medical equipment can begin. Please note that production lead times will vary based both on the size and complexity of the order. Lead times will be provided to the client on a case-by-case basis that caters to their needs.

Cut and Sew

LMI offers low minimums (MOQs) and highly competitive industry pricing for every order, and a large selection of customized printing options. We also offer fast turnaround times, with our cut and sew factories regularly processing both short-run and large-scale manufacturing projects. We are experienced in maintaining the highest quality standards for medical and healthcare supplies and provide high visibility for our customers throughout the process.

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