3-Ply Children Disposable Mask (Civilian Grade)

3-Ply Children Disposable Mask (Civilian Grade)

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FDA Certified; 3-Ply Disposable Mask 

2500 Units per Case; 50 boxes per case; 50 units per box

Case: 13KG

Box: 0.26KG

Case Dimensions: 52x39x60 cm

Color: Blue

Made of high quality non-woven fabric, this disposable mask is perfect for protecting your little ones from dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. The soft ear loops and nose clip ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while the 3-ply design provides optimal filtering efficiency.

The 3-Ply Children Disposable Mask (Civilian Grade) is designed to protect children from harmful airborne particles. This mask is made of a soft and comfortable material that is breathable and non-irritating. The mask features three layers of protection, with the outer layer being a waterproof and windproof barrier. The middle layer is a filter that traps particles, and the inner layer is a comfortable and soft material that helps to prevent irritation. The mask also has an adjustable nosepiece for a secure fit.

Ideal for everyday use, our Children Disposable Mask is perfect for keeping your child's lungs healthy and clear. Order today and rest assured that you're doing your part to keep your loved ones safe!