Safety First: What to Look for in a PPE Provider

Safety First: What to Look for in a PPE Provider

Are you managing a growing business? With the ongoing pandemic, one of your top priorities is keeping your staff and customers safe during personal interactions. Thus, providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the most essential investments you should invest in today.

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Interestingly, the current health crisis resulted in a boom in the PPE industry. The PPE market will grow to over $92 billion by 2027.

With this growth comes the influx of options. However, not all PPE are equal. Some are superior to others in many ways.

Thus, you need to put your company’s safety first by finding the right PPE provider. Continue reading below and learn the crucial things to look for in a PPE provider.

Offers that Match Your Needs

One of the first things to look for in a PPE provider is their ability to match your company’s requirements. Not all companies have the same needs when it comes to PPE.

A company that belongs to the medical industry has different requirements than a business from the industrial sector. Generally, hospitals need face shields, gowns, and shoe covers.

Also, you want to find a provider that can customize the PPE. This is important, especially if you have specifications that you need to add. Moreover, customization helps address different challenges.

A reputable PPE provider can also source fabric for clients who do not have preferred production vendors. This allows them to meet specific industry standards. This ensures that they don’t break any regulations and guidelines concerning PPE use.

Extensive Product Offerings

Another key consideration when looking for a PPE provider is the products they offer. For starters, they should carry the basics in PPE solutions. They should provide an extensive selection of masks.

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These include N95 masks, nano masks, cloth masks, and 3-ply masks. Moreover, they should carry face shields, gowns, shoe covers, and eye protection.

Also, you want to ask how extensive their customization services are. Do they offer embroidery and direct garment printing? Can they take on full-package manufacturing orders?

Additionally, check on their policies on shipping and returns. You want the PPE to arrive as early as possible without compromising quality. Moreover, the return policy is crucial if there are problems with the PPE solutions that need an immediate remedy.

Knowledgeable in Safety Standards

You also want to find a provider that has ample knowledge of industry safety standards. This is vital considering the changing requirements in PPE solutions.

Specific standards and minimum requirements may vary per country. These standards also go through updates and improvements every few years or so. Thus, the provider should update its products with materials that adhere to the current standards in safety and quality.

Additionally, you want to partner with a provider with extensive industry knowledge. Such a provider will know how their clients use the PPE. They are aware of the physical requirements and the possible contaminants that may get in contact with the users.

Competitive Pricing

The prices of PPE solutions depend on several factors. The kind of PPE items you need and the materials they use play a significant role in determining their price tag.

Another is the cost of customization in case you want to add individual specifications. Regardless of the items that you order, you need to ensure you’re getting competitive pricing. To do this, you need to consider the costs that go beyond the actual materials.

Find out how much they charge for this shipping. Do they offer flat rate shipping? If so, determine the range of coverage.

Ask if they offer free shipping if you reach a certain amount of orders. Find out which courier service they use. Also, inquire if they ship on Sundays and holidays.

These small details can help you plan your orders accordingly. Also, you need to consider the possibility of returning some items. These can be PPE solutions that have incorrect measurements.

Remember that when looking at the prices of PPE, the cheapest doesn’t always mean best. Similarly, the most expensive doesn’t equate to being the best one for your company at the moment.

You want to consider all these factors before deciding.

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Certifications and Other Credentials

Since your workers' safety is your end goal, you need nothing less than top-notch PPE options. This means finding a PPE provider that comes with all the necessary credentials.

You need to get all the guarantees of the excellent quality of the products. For starters, find a provider that comes with certification.

Also, you want to check their clientele. Ask about the different industries they cater to.

Do they only offer products for the medical sector? Or do they also have clients like schools, government offices, and private organizations?

You also want to find an established provider. If a company has offices in different locations, it means they can cater to clients with bulk PPE requirements.

Do they have direct partnerships with domestic and international factories? Do they have relationships with fabric suppliers and other manufacturers here and abroad?

Values Matter a Lot

Last but not least, you want to find a PPE provider with values that align with yours. This ensures you’re getting the right products that will help you achieve your safety goals.

Ideally, you want a provider that focuses on building long-term relationships. This means finding a company that is willing to work with your needs for several years to come.

Also, you want a provider that acts as a full-service partner. These are providers that will ensure that they meet your specifications down to the smallest details.

Like in any client-provider partnership, honesty and transparency are paramount. Thus, you want a provider that values full transparency in manufacturing and supplying.

Put Your Safety First Through High-Quality PPE

By finding the right PPE provider, you can ensure everyone's safety in your business, especially with the ongoing pandemic. You can also maximize your investment by getting top-notch PPE solutions. If you’re still searching for a PPE provider, then you came to the right place.

We offer an extensive selection of PPE for various industries. Connect with us and request a free estimate. Put your safety first through our quality products today!